Sunday, January 24, 2016

Diesel to Electric ! My 70 yo parents are switching to Full EV :)

Finally, after several years of EV discussion following the purchase of our LEAF back in 2011, my parents got their own Electric Car back in October 2015, a Peugeot iOn - Mitsubishi i-MiEV -

Helped by French government incentive of 6,300 EUR for the purchase of a new EV, and an additional 3,700 EUR for the destruction of their 15 years old - or more - diesel car - a total of 10,000 EUR ! -, plus a big commercial discount of 6,300 the original price tag dropped from 26,900 EUR to 10,600 EUR, a real bargain !! :)  I remember this i-MiEV being sold for 35,000 EUR back in 2010 when it came to market in France ... what a difference !

Here is a little summary video of the car delivery at the local Peugeot dealer, few kilometers from their house, and the first charge at home; For more details, continue below ... 

For this event, my son and I rode there on my BMW Evolution Electric Scooter to join them for the afternoon

The last time we see this old Renault 21 GTD - diesel- from 1993 if I remember well

On our way to the Peugeot dealer, in the old Renault 21 diesel ...

The iOn is ready to be picked up

A little paperwork to sign, including the destruction of the old diesel car

The salesperson had trouble finding the lever to open the "engine compartment", since they do not sale many of these

Time to go now :)

Last advices, but actually my father knows more than him on the car

A beautiful symbol : my parents are finally switching from diesel to Electric this very moment, so we took few pictures of the old and the new

Behind the wheel of their new EV, heading home ...

My father wants to change gears, a 50 years old habit ! but there is no need for this in an EV :)

Fits perfectly in their busy garage

The week before, my dad installed a new electric line dedicated to charging at 14A, using the 6mm2 wires, to cover the 70 meters distance from the house - and the electric meter - and the garage
A regular line was already there, but not sufficient to hold this any amperes (on the right); The new line ends on the left with a Legrand Green'up reinforced outlet, that carries 14A under 230V, charging the car at 3,2kW

Here he explains to my son how the Green'up outlet works: it has and hall effect sensor inside, detecting the magnet inside the plug, and if present allows 14A charge, otherwise it is 8A by default with a regular plug -no magnet -

Their house, 70 meters away

The house meter

the dedicated line for charging starts here, with this 30mA RCBO breaker

The flexible black electric conduit runs down the the basement and then outside along the garden, up to the garage

Towards the end of the day, we headed back home, in the sun ...

The end ...

I really hope more and more people will do the switch, for them and for the others, we have too many polluting diesel cars on the road here in France !

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