Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Renault & Schneider Electric Charging Stations

While I was at the Renault EV Center (Centre Renault ZE) to see the now famous ZOE, I took some pictures of the different charging options proposed by Renault, through Schneider Electric

Summary of all standards available now:

In France, it looks like a standard would be to have a Type 3 charge port on the station side and a Type 1 (= J1772) charge port on the vehicle side; That is what we can see here:

Vehicle side: J1772 or Type 1

Charger / Charge station side: Type 3

This is a Quick Charger: It says 400V, 43kW AC, the port here is a Type 2

Of course every car from the ZE line comes with the basic EVSE, to plug in any 220V outlet and J1772 on the vehicle side (that's what I use on a daily basis with the LEAF and it is fine)

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