Tuesday, August 21, 2012

2,400 km Trip with a LEAF throughout Europe

When it comes to going on vacation with an Electric Car, people think it is impossible ... because of the limited range of course

A family of 4, Mark Nitters, his wife and their two kids, from Grasse (South of France) decided to go for a 2,400 km trip throughout Europe with their Nissan LEAF this summer !

Leaving from the French Riviera in july, they went to Paris, Belgium, the Netherlands, then to Scotland, Ireland, and eventually they will go back home

They are of course using CHAdeMO DC fast chargers along the way as much as they can but also use regular wall socket charge in hotels or at friends & family

Check out their travelling experiences on their great blog : Grasse Glasgow Electric 2012

They are sponsored by the electric components maker Walther  and are using some of their products, especially the Type 2 to Type 1 (or J1772) cord used everywhere in Europe

My Favorites:

The best DC Fast Charger spot so far is in the Netherland :-)

A 25 meters extension cord in the trunk can be usefull from time to time ;-)

Check out the gas prices in Belgium ! Electricity is defenitely cheaper :-)


  1. Thanks for the article ! Note that the fast charger at the Total station was in fact the most expensive charger we used at 12 euros (!!!) per charge ! (they charge 4 euros per 10 minutes). At these prices, gas may even work out cheaper. But it got us going...

  2. 12 EUR for a CHAdeMO charge !! that's crazy :-(


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