Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Marion from AutoMoto tested Renault ZOE

A famous TV show here, called AutoMoto, broadcasted a test drive of the Renault ZOE by Marion: A woman's point of view, even though what she says is a bit vague ... At least she is not against EVs and this is a good thing

Let's go to Paris ... "La Tour Eiffel" in front of us

Marion behind the wheel, starting from TF1 headquaters in Boulogne (yes, same town as Renault)

The remote can be used to pop open the charge connector lid, nice :-)

Renault ZOE possible Charge Rates and Durations @ 3kW / 22kW / 43kW

Bollore Bluecar, Autolib version / Renault Zoe: Same color, different style ;-)
You can charge at Autolib third party EV charge spots, but what they do not mention 2 things:
- the connector is not the same: J1772 for Autolib and Mennekes / Type 2 for ZOE
- the cable is too short to go all the way to the front of the car, I already tried that with my LEAF :-(

Direct link here: AutoMoto - TF1

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