Sunday, October 7, 2012

Renault ZOE Test Drive - My Video !

This is the 4th video featuring the real (not concept car) Renault ZOE, after the two BFMTV videos, a very short one just before the 2012 Paris Motor Show , the second one with French Industry Minister Arnaud Montebourg, and AutoMoto test the  last week.
Mon Essai Renault Zoé :-)

This Fully Electric ZOE is going to be a Hit, there is
 no doubt about it !
Why ? => Small Price, Beautiful Design, & Performance

This morning I had the chance to test drive the Renault ZOE at the Renault EV Center and test track on Ile Seguin, in Boulogne Billancourt, next to Paris

I would like to thank the whole team there for the warm welcome and kindness to let us test drive at the last minute without any appointment; It was very nice from them :-)

ZOE sunny line up

The beautiful rear end

It all started with this: The ZOE test drive badge

Renault Ile Seguin Test Center, where all the Renault Z.E. test drives are taking place 

Then an interesting 20 minutes ZOE presentation,
 with a coffee (LED ligthting in the room)

Then came the test drive with the person who did the presentation
and he knew what he was talking about (it is not always the case 
when it comes to Electric Drive)

Our co-test drivers, a father and his son, like us, were very impressed 
with ZOE's acceleration (again with 5 people in the car)

The overall impression after few minutes of test drive is very good: Acceleration feels very similar to my Nissan LEAF, although we were five in the car (4 adults and my son) and the motor is theoretically less powerful, I did not feel any difference

Even with this top of the line version of ZOE (Intens at 15.500 EUR with incentive), the confort is a bit different from the LEAF, but for that price, it can not be beaten I think; Congratulations to Renault for offering such a well designed Fully Electric Car with that small price tag !

I even got in touch with a sales person who will study the possibilty of taking my LEAF back (we will see what they offer of course) and buy a ZOE instead... who knows, for the miles I am driving anyways, I could be a good idea, financially speaking ;-)

My son wanted to drive ... maybe in few years I said

This picture made me think of this slogan:

ZOE : An affordable Electric Car for the Future Generation, Available Now !

ZOE and Meudon hill in the back, beautiful ... (click to see a better quality picture)

Now, more about charging :

The charging equipement installed is from Schneider Electrics, 3kW and 22 kW AC charge stations

Schneider Electrics power supply central equipement for charging stations

Display close up (sorry for the sun reflection, that is the best I could do)

Charge stations, supplying 3kW , or 22 kW for faster charging of the ZOE 22kWh battery in just 1 hour ! ... 43 kW charging will be also be possible thanks to Three Phases AC 400V supply

... through the (French only) Type 3 outlet (should change later on to Type 2
 to become compatible with other European countries) 

Pretty cool charge station, showing outlet status and state of charge also !

Nice, very nice test center on this island "Ile Seguin", 
where used to be Renault's main factory for decades

If you wish to come and test drive the Renault ZOE, please call or email them here for an appointment:


  1. Great article, thanks a lot!

  2. This will be my next car for sure !

    1. Hi Francis,
      This looks like avery good choice from my point of view (LEAF owner)

  3. Just to beat your enthusiasm;)

    Driving 100km would cost you at least 8€ of electricity and battery lease. Do the math: 79€ of monthly lease payment allow you only 12.500km/12 = 1042 kms/month. 79 / 10,42 = 7,58€ / 100 km. Add about 1,5€/100km current cost...

    The question is:, how many modern small cars have more than 8€/100km consumption?

    Zoe is:
    - expensive 2 buy
    - expensive 2 drive

    1. David,

      You just forgot pollution, noise, driving experience, etc in all your math ... priceless



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