Friday, October 5, 2012

New EV Charging spot rules in my usual parking

Two weeks ago, on saturday, I was surprised to see that the parking I usually go to close to Louvre & Opera has follwoed my advice and installed poles blocking access to their three EV charge spots :-)

Bu, one week later, this Audi was back on one of these (like before...) and badly parked on top of that, so I had to use a bit of the next spot to park next to it ...

The second good news is that the DBT charge stations (16A outlets in a steel box, no more) mounted on the wall are on at all times, no need to close the door shut with the key like before; This was a hasle, having to go ask for the key, come back to the car open, plug, close (power is on at this moement only), go back to return the key,... and the same thing when I come back to unplug the LEAF... Jeeezzz  

So, some improvement in the end 

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